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Landing Page Design Services

Landing Page Design Services Landing Pages are crucial part of PPC campaigns. It’s important to create attractive, user friendly and relevant landing page while creating your PPC ads. The advertisers have only few seconds to attract and convince the online visitors towards their products and services and ultimately to generate leads. Landing page is the first page where the user will migrate when clicking your ad. An attractive landing page design is as important as focusing on the right keywords. At CSTech, landing page design company Delhi, we emphasize more to maximize the web usability and conversion ratio while designing a landing page. We target each PPC text ad to a specific landing page so that it’s geared directly towards your sales goal.

Some Important Factors To Consider For Landing Page Design
• It’s important to advertise in multiple languages as the advertising products and services to an audience speaking in their native tongue appeal more than ads speaking any other language. Landing page should be drafted in the native language of the target audience.
• Landing page Design should be user friendly in order to maximize the conversion ratio.
• Landing page should include the query term in the title and the description. The Landing Page should provide the information to the visitor exactly for what they are looking for.
• Landing page should have a clear call to action - fill out a form, order a trial, buy a product, request a catalog, request a quote, subscribe to a service etc.
• Landing page should not be too verbose or bombastic in appearance.
• Landing Page should have pleasing images, product shots and precise information.
• Landing Page should include the price of the product or a price range for services
• Landing Page should provide a clear incentive to buy - discount, product comparison, service guarantee, customer support etc.
• Landing page should have some catchy titles and appealing features about your products and services.
• Relevance is an important factor to be considered while designing the landing pages, visitors should exactly get what they are looking for, matching the query.

Our Landing Page Design Services
• As a specialist landing page design company, we can develop web landing pages and PPClanding pages specifically targeting your foreign visitors, ensuring maximum visitor conversion into leads or sales. We can design multilingual PPClanding pages.
• We design landing pages in order to convert online searchers into leads or customers. Our Landing Page design services include construction of online forms, surveys, information requests and trial offers for your visitors.
• Usability analysis is an integral part of our landing page design services. We analyze the visitor’s action on your site and identify the problem areas that might prevent them from generating leads.
• We offer quality scoring system that measures existing campaign performance on a predefined scale consisting number of factors and determines specific changes that need to be made to improve ROI.
• Assessing the quality of the overall campaign enables identification of problem areas. The quality scoring system measures existing campaign performance on a number of factors and determines specific changes that need to be made to improve ROI.